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Access From Anywhere

Fume is an AI software developer that you can access anywhere at any stage of the dev-cycle. It's not a coding assistant. It's a team member that you can get help from or delegate jobs altogether.

Multi-File Changes

Whenever you ask for a change, Fume will make all of the necessary changes within a codebase.

PR Iterations

Fume can help you iterate on PR. You no longer have to get distracted by applying code review and addressing nitpicks.
AI Software Developer

Good At Your Least Favorite Tasks

Every dev team has a long list of unaddressed bug reports, production error logs and feature requests. However, not all tasks are created equal... Some are just too boring to spend any engineering second. Luckily Fume is good at what you don't like doing.
Error Logs
Empty Sentry issue lists are almost as rare as unicorns. Those logs usually have a simple fix but they just do not justify the time spent. Only if there was an engineer working 24/7 to solve those. Oh wait. There is one now: Fume.
User Bug Reports
Upload bug reports with screenshots, recreation steps and possible ways to tackle. Fume will immediately debug the issue and create PR for it. There will be no more unanswered Slack tickets waiting to be picked up by an engineer.
Refactoring and Testing
"I love refactoring and testing my code!" said no engineer ever. Fume can refactor your code with a single prompt or write tests for it. It's oddly good at comnig up with edge cases that we never thought of.
New Features
This one is a hot topic. You would be blown away by how much progress Fume can make for your feature tickets. It basically can lay down the groundwork for you. Although, it's usually the first 90% work. You'll have to pick up where Fume left and complete some final details.

You Have Questions?

Yes, Fume is mind boggling. But best way to understand how it works is giving it a try :) However here some frequently asked questions to give you an idea.

Does it work with any tech stack?

Yes, Fume is tech stack agnostic and can work comfortably with most of the popular tech stacks.

How do I set up Fume?

This may vary depending on your use case but in general, you will be installing the Fume Slack app, setting up the Github or Gitlab app and download the CLI.

Does Fume Store My Codebase?

We have access to it but all of your code is deleted after the runtime. We have an on-prem/VPC option for more data sensitive teams. Contact sales for getting started with that.

Which one of my tools Fume can integrate with?

Currently Supported: Slack, Github, Gitlab, Any IDE, and LinearComing Soon: Jira, Notion, Confluence, and Discord. You can contect us for any integration requests

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